Nicki Minaj's chances of being #1 next week with her new single "Super Freaky Girl" on the Billboard 

Hot 100 chart are high. If it doesn't happen, it will come very close. However, the rapper herself is somewhat wary.

In a recent live stream, Nicki commented that Billboard knows the power of her fans, the Barbz, to come together to make her top.

She also cited the Army, BTS fans. With that, she notes that Billboard changes the rules to prevent them from staying at #1.

"Every time we release a song, we can do what we do with 'Say So' or 'Trollz,' so they take the power out of 

someone's hand. They don't like that," said Nicki Minaj.Earlier this year, a rule was changed for

the Hot 100: only 1 digital single or album sale per customer is counted in the chart count. Therefore, mass buying sprees 

end up being worth less. In this case artists with a large fan base, such as Nicki Minaj and BTS, end up losing out.

The songs cited by Nicki Minaj did reach #1, but only for a single week. "Say So" with a remix with Doja Cat and "Trollz" with 6ix9ine.