Tesla owner Elon Musk has claimed that Twitter has made an "unjustifiable request to rush" the process 

that will decide whether or not he should complete the purchase of the social network. The value negotiated between the parties is $44 billion.

According to 16-page documentation submitted by Musk's lawyers, the businessman wants the trial to begin in February 2023.

Twitter, however, argues that September is the ideal month for the trial to begin. In the document, Musk 

highlights the issue of the fake social network accounts as justification for extending the time to review

the trial, as the situation requires a longer investigation and a "substantial amount of time for evidence gathering."

"Twitter's sudden request for maximum speed after two months of stalling is its latest tactic to cover up the truth about the spam

accounts long enough to get defendants to conclude [the settlement]," an excerpt from the document reads. 

Twitter declined to comment on the information, but a hearing has been scheduled for this Tuesday (19).