Ms. Marvel, for now, remains the most recent Marvel Studios series on Disney Plus, and is even the favorite of many fans who have loved the MCU's newest heroine.

The final episode of Ms. Marvel, besides being one of Marvel's best final episodes and being action-packed

and very entertaining, also blew fans' minds by making the first official direct mention of mutants in the MCU.

The production revealed that Kamala Khan is the first official mutant in the MCU and that, from now on, much

more is to come. Which makes X-Men fans even more eager to see their favorite team in the movies.

Another thing that blew fans' minds in the last episode was the post-credits scene, featuring

Captain Marvel and making a direct reference and connection to The Marvels movie, coming next year in theaters.

And actress Iman Vellani, Ms. Marvel herself, revealed that the series' post-credits scene was almost another 

one, however, one we already know. The actress said during an interview with New Rockstars that 

originally the scene confirming Kamala as a mutant would be the series' post-credits scene.