Millie Bobby Brown’s Year of Healing

There’s a small plaque outside Wentworth Club that details the posh suburban London establishment’s dress code: 

No blue jeans. No T-shirts. No cutoffs. It says nothing about pajamas, though

which is exactly what Millie Bobby Brown is wearing when she arrives.

The 18-year-old actor, in her pj’s and a well-worn pink cardigan, comes bounding through the club’s imposing entrance with 

her boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi. Jake — who, for the record, is not dressed in pajamas — is present only as Millie’s driver and a 

silent observer. “He’s not even here,” Millie, who seems very much a first name type of person, says as we claim a table

on the outdoor patio of the club’s restaurant. It overlooks the verdant golf course, although Millie doesn’t golf. 

She picked this spot, not far from the house she recently moved into, because it’s inaccessible to prying eyes.

“I like quiet places,” she explains of the setting. “Places that I’m familiar with and that I feel comfortable at.”