Millie Bobby Brown gave a super honest interview to Allure, published this Wednesday (10). 

The protagonist of "Stranger Things" recalls the end of the relationship with Hunter Ecimovic, marked by abuse

and how she used the pain to play Eleven. The actress also comments on the exposure of the ex, who revealed intimate details of the girl on the Internet: "It was a year of healing".

Millie Bobby Brown, the eternal Eleven from "Stranger Things", gave a revealing interview to Allure, published

on Wednesday (10). In addition to talking about social networking, mental health and her beauty brand - Florence 

by Mills - which recently arrived in Brazil, the 18-year-old actress recalled the abusive relationship she had with Hunter Ecimovic in 2020.

At the time, Millie was only 16 and the boy was 19. After the breakup, TikToker even went live, exposing

details of the relationship and ridiculing the artist. "I felt very vulnerable," Bobby Brown revealed to the vehicle. 

She also recalls how she channeled the hurt and anger to live Eleven in the 4th season of "Stranger Things".