Millie Booby Brown is on a roll! The actress has just starred in the long-awaited fourth season of "Stranger Things" and is

already being scouted by another powerful studio to be part of the new phase of one of the most 

beloved franchises in the world: Star Wars. But to be part of the project, Millie would receive a salary of up to £ 12 million.

According to the British newspaper "Mirror", the star and her father and manager, Robert, are already friends with the head

of the franchise, Kathleen Kennedy. Currently her salary is quite impressive in "Stranger Things" and Millie earns around 

US$1 million per episode. The investment is justifiable, as she has a strong appeal with the younger generation.

A source told the newspaper that "Millie is on Disney's radar for new Star Wars projects. She has had contact with Kathleen, who is aware of her desire to appear in a

movie or play a central role in one of Disney's new TV Plus projects. She could easily take home $15 million for a first film 

or series. And she doesn't have to take a test - it's more a case of the director and her bond. She has the seriousness to keep the lead in that universe."