Millie Bobby Brown became one of Hollywood's top names when she played Eleven in the series "Stranger 

Things," but she almost gave up acting at the age of 10. The star revealed that she heard from a veteran casting director that she would never succeed as an actress.

The Brit received criticism from the professional for being too mature, which compromised her career and almost made her give up acting.

"I always knew I was mature and I couldn't stop that," she explained in an interview with "Allure Magazine."

"That picks up on what I've already said about being kind of very lonely in myself and feeling that 

nobody was like me in school and nobody was as mature as me. It was really hard, because I thought it was a good thing, and to hear

that it wasn't, and that I wouldn't be successful in the industry, hurt me a lot," the actress said. "I was very sad about it."

After her parents insisted, Millie agreed to videotape a test for the role of Eleven: "My parents told me, 'Just do this last audition on 

tape and then you can go out and play with your friends again.' She not only got the job, but also used her maturity to develop 

the protagonist of the science fiction series, which has become one of the most famous of today.