For the September issue of Allure magazine, actress Millie Bobby Brown - who also graces the cover - shares her candid 

opinions regarding the internet, sexualization as a child actress, and the pros and cons of her burgeoning career.

The interpreter of Eleven from the hit series Stranger Things talked about how she dealt with hate as her image grew in the spotlight.

"It's really hard to be hated by others when you don't know you are yet. So you start to shut down and question like, 'Who

am I supposed to be? Who do they need me to be for them?'". However, she revealed that she was able to face

these challenges with the help of friends and family who encouraged her to "develop" internally. But Brown also recounts that she "always struggled

with her own identity" while working in Hollywood. "Even when I was younger, I always felt like I didn't fit in everywhere I was. I also struggle a bit with loneliness."

After gaining stardom because of the Netflix series, the actress experienced both 

success and hate. Because of this, she has deleted social media apps from her phone - although she appears active

on Instagram and other networks, since her accounts are managed by someone else.