First, it's Mugler; then it's a tour full of anime-inspired outfits, now it's a buttless funeral dress.

Megan Thee Stallion has dropped her jaw once again with her new music video for "Ungrateful," a certificate from her second studio album Traumazina.

The video was released on September 6, giving fans another glimpse into the artist's deeply personal confessional

album. The video begins with a vignette of Megan lying on a red velvet comforter wearing black lace lingerie, moving quickly to shots of her arriving at a funeral.

The rapper walks down a somber white aisle, dressed from head to toe in black - including a corset dress and a long ink veil. 

The camera pans across her dress, showing that the back is fully open. The corset detail 

with straps has been left open to expose her ass - complemented perfectly with a black thong to match.

Later in the video, her alter ego Tina Snow makes an appearance. Megan then replaces her all-black ensemble with an all-white look. 

Wrapped entirely in bright white satin, she also wears a dramatic wide-brimmed hat the size of an umbrella to protect her 

from the funeral's rainy procession. A stark contrast to her mourning look, this bridal-inspired fit includes a silky white neckline and a small train.