Meet Barbie Ferreira the Brazilian daughter of Euphoria

You may not have heard of her yet, but we'll give you a hint: keep the name Barbie Ferreira in mind

because the actress is shining in "Euphoria," the new HBO series, and promises to steal the show wherever she goes.

American and daughter of Brazilians, Barbie Ferreira is already a highlight in the series, which has already

drawn attention for controversial scenes involving several controversies such as drug use. 

However, in real life, the actress is far from that, since she is known in the 

fashion world for disseminating the "body positivity" movement, in search of body acceptance.

Barbara Linhares Ferreira, 22, was raised in New Jersey, in the United States, by her mother

and grandmother, both Brazilians. "We literally came from nothing and she worked 

very hard to give me everything I wanted," the actress said of her mother in an interview with Latina magazine .