Matt Shakman is the new Fantastic Four director

Marvel Studios recently brought the focus back to the Fantastic Four reboot, confirming

that it will be the start of Phase 6 of the MCU that will debut in November 2024.

However, fans already suspected that this would not be the only news the MCU was preparing.

Jon Watts, who helmed Tom Holland's Spider-Man trilogy, was the former director of the film, who announced his departure justifying needing to take a break from hero movies.

And it was speculated that the announcement of his replacement, as well as the cast, would

take place at D23, which takes place on September 10. But at least the new director is now a doubt solved.

ODeadline has just confirmed exclusively that Matt Shakman is the new Fantastic Four director.

Within Marvel he is best known for having directed all 9 episodes of the Emmy-nominated series WandaVision!

According to the site, Matt Shakman has always been the name to beat, although Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, has still met and discussed with other potential directors.