The Thunderbolts movie promises to be one of the big highlights of Marvel Studios' 

Phase 5, which during the last San Diego Comic-Con finally had its dawn of story revealed: July 2024.

Thunderbolts will be directed by Jake Schreier and written by Eric Pearson, who has already worked on Thor: Ragnarok

and Black Widow. Usually described as Marvel's "Suicide Squad," the film will feature the return of beloved villains working this time for the government.

Fans are hoping that more news will roll out during D23, which takes place this Saturday starting at 2pm. For now

journalist Justin Kroll has already confirmed the return of Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh), Baron Zemo (Daniel Bruhl) and the American Agent (Wyatt Russell).

But there is one major villain who, despite being expected by fans, is not expected to return: the

Abominable, a character played by Tim Roth and who has recently been shining in the series Woman-Hulk: Defender of Heroes.

Who says the villain won't be returning is journalist Charles Murphy, which may have to do with the outcome the 

character may receive in upcoming episodes of Woman-Hulk. In any case, fans were quite disappointed with the information.