Since the announcement of Ms. Marvel's series, fans have thought about her powers being visually similar to the classic Fantastic Four's Reed Richards' powers of stretching.

Then concept art for the series started coming out and then we realized that Marvel had modified Kamala Khan's powers, which would now be a kind of energy.

The series was released and we had confirmation that the powers to stretch her body were really not in 

the character. But why did Marvel decide to change this? Would it have to do with Reed's powers coming very soon 

in the MCU?And now, during the behind-the-scenes special of Ms. Marvel released on Disney+, the series' visual effects supervisor, Nordin Rahhali, confirmed 

that "there was a conscious effort to not have [Ms. Marvel] as Mr. Fantastic or Elastigirl" and how excited he was to "create a power from scratch."

"I think there was a conscious effort to not make her feel like Mr. Fantastic or Elastigirl. There were some initial 

concepts before I came in that had this idea that she could manifest armor or parts of her body in this protective element. And so, I saw that as an opportunity. 

I mean, how often do you come into the MCU and create a power from scratch, which is, to me, the most exciting and fun thing you could do."

Later Nordin explained what the process of creating the new powers was like and how they were described to him: