Mark Ruffalo talks about the return of the angry version of the Hulk

The Hulk is one of the most popular heroes in comics, and has been present in Marvel's

Initially played by Edward Norton, the character soon gained a new face, that of Mark Ruffalo

Next to Thor, few characters have gone through as many changes in the MCU as the green man, who since

Avengers: Endgame has been in the Professor Hulk phase, which has now returned with grace in She-Hulk: Defender of Heroes.

But actor Mark Ruffalo has already hinted at more transformations involving the character in an interview with EW.

The statement even goes along with rumors that Marvel is developing a Hulk Against the World movie, a 2006 comic book.

"The cool thing about this world is that it can become anything. Five years from now it can become whatever is pertinent at the time. 

I can almost see him going back to 'Furious Hulk' or 'Hulk Against the World. It could go anywhere. That's the most exciting part. 

I've played five different versions from the beginning until now, and that's kept it interesting for me and I hope it will be interesting for other people."