The American magazine US Weekly said that actor Will Smith did not want to make the video in which he apologized to Chris Rock for the slap he gave the comedian at the Academy Awards.

According to sources heard by the publication, he refused to apologize, but was convinced by his wife, Jada-Pinkett.

"Jada has been encouraging Will to apologize because it has become a shadow around her show, 'Red Table Talk,'" said one insider, pointing out that the actor "never wanted to apologize publicly."

Despite his unwillingness, Will agreed to talk about it, because the issue did not die as he had hoped.

"His team was hopeful that this controversy would slowly die down, but that's not what happened. 

It would be impossible for him to move on without him touching the subject," said the same source, according to the American vehicle.

The source further described that during this time of silence, the actor was "in hell.

Will Smith published on Friday (29/7) a five-minute video where he answered some specific questions about what happened, and apologized to Chris Rock, the comedian's family and the 2022 Oscar nominees.

The public reaction was divided. Many were not convinced of the sincerity of the request. Even Variety magazine did an article demonstrating the basic public

relations mistakes made by the actor, which resulted in a video with an impersonal tone, in which he shows difficulties in showing remorse and avoids putting himself in a position of humility.