BTS became a worldwide phenomenon, but the members kept the essence. After all, they were really united, like

a family. Now the phase is completely different: they have taken a hiatus from the group and 

are all preparing their solo projects. But does distance really cause a change in this friendship? It seems not!

Member V gave an interview to Vogue Korea, confirming that he is working on his album. In the interview he stated that 

all seven members have met. On this occasion they shared their solo songs and it was really an important moment of support.

"We support each other a lot. Recently, at Suga's house, we had a time to listen to all

the individual songs that each member made. Someone danced and everyone said 'good, good,' it was insane. 

It's nice to see the members preparing songs of their own colors like that, because they are 

so passionate and actively making music and they love each other," V reported.