The Mother Monster does not stop! Lady Gaga officially announced last Thursday (4) her participation in

the movie "Joker 2", which will be titled "Joker: Folie a Deux". The diva will give life to none other than Harlequina. 

Many speculations revolve around the feature film and during the "Chromatica Ball" tour in

Toronto, this Sunday (7), Gaga may have revealed the character's laugh.

Lady Gaga is back on stage with her sixth tour, and this is the singer's first series of concerts to be held

exclusively in large stadiums. The diva continues to make history, has been acclaimed by critics and has delivered true spectacles with sold-out tickets.

Recently confirmed in the cast of the musical "Joker 2", which hits theaters on December 4, 2024, Gaga did

something unusual in her last concert, held in Toronto, last Sunday (7). During the performance of the song

"Poker Face", the singer gave a crazy laugh and soon agitated fans, who associated the gesture to the character.