Lady Gaga is about to start her new tour "The Chromatica Ball Tour" and she doesn't want anything to go wrong in her upcoming performances.

And with that in mind, she and her team decided to protect all the clothes she will wear in the concerts in a more exclusive way.

According to the newspaper "The Sun", the singer decided to hire exclusive security guards for her closet

since the dresses, suits and accessories she will wear are 'priceless' and she wants to 'avoid any disappointment'.

Among the iconic pieces she plans to wear on stage are creations by Donatella Versace, and sources claim that

Gaga is panicking at the thought that something might happen to these 'privileged creations:

"She fears that with travel or chaos backstage at concerts, the pieces will get lost, or stolen, so the

only way was to hire security guards who will only monitor the clothes," the insider explains.