Kylie Jenner has made it clear that she and boyfriend Travis Scott have not 100% decided

on the name of their second child. Initially the 25-year-old businesswoman and the 31-year-old 

rapper had said that the baby would be named Wolf Webster, but 

days later Kylie went public to rule out the name, since according to her, the son didn't look like 'Wolf'.

So far, Kylie and Travis have not shown their 7-month-old baby's face, preferring to keep him safely away from the cameras.

Although the son of Kylie Jenner (25) and Travis Scott (31) was born seven months ago, his

parents have chosen to keep his identity away from the cameras. In addition to not sharing photos

of the little one, his name was a mystery for several months, in which followers of the

socialite, who just launched a new line of baby products, followed every clue to find the baby's real name.