Kylie Jenner lives a controversy with the name of her second son since he was born.

The baby was baptized Wolf by the businesswoman, but days later she regretted the choice and 

since then the youngest is in danger of having the official name changed.

In an interview for The Late Show, Jenner made revelations about the case and said that she is thinking about new

names for the baby together with her father Travis Scott. "His name is still Wolf, on his passport the 

name is Wolf, but that's not going to be his name. We are just waiting and thinking. We don't call him Wolf," she said.

The entrepreneur also said that she is looking for a new name and that it will not be related to

animal themes like the current one. Wolf, in English, means wolf. According to her, the rapper 

thinks of several names and changes his mind all the time, a reason that makes the couple take it easy in the new choice.