Kylie Jenner took to her Instagram Stories this Sunday, August 1, to share some photos of her 4-year-old daughter

- the fruit of her relationship with Travis Scott - and revealed how Stormi is embracing her role as a fashionista.

The photos shared by Kylie included a pink and white Christian Dior dress paired with sandals, a black and 

red ensemble with a crystal bag, and a matching blue look with her mother's. A moment of silence for Kylie's career as a child stylist.

Speaking of fashion, in a TikTok shared on Kylie's account on July 8, Stormi and Kylie tried on several pairs of shoes from Kylie's collection.

In the montage, Stormi and Kylie showed off their shoe selection to the tune of Saucy Santana's "Walk." As for the little one's choices, she rocked 

her mom's orange heels, black mule, and blue and holographic heels.As Stormi and Kylie showed off their

walk, fans rushed to the comments section to get emotional about the video. One user wrote that Stormi was

in "IN HER MATERIAL ERA." Meanwhile, another added that the 4-year-old "walks in high heels better than I do."