About one week after Kylie Jenner clapped back at a TikTok user who mocked her lips, the reality star has once again responded to criticism on the app.

Over the weekend, Kylie uploaded a new TikTok to announce her beauty brand’s new lip blush shades. 

She filmed herself from inside her car, and as she tried to prop her phone up by the steering wheel, it 

dropped to the dashboard. Kylie let out a small scream, laughed, then situated her phone into 

a better position. “OK, this is better. I’m just inside my car,” she said, seemingly frazzled.

Kylie continued to describe the new lip products, but the comment section was much more 

focused on the phone drop and the fact that she recorded the nearly two-minute video from her car. 

Dozens called her out for trying to seem relatable, claiming that she intentionally dropped her phone to appear more candid.

“This is something Emma Chamberlain would post, and I just think it’s interesting,” Chan continued. “You’re a 

billionaire, girl, like why are you reviewing lip kits in your car when you live in a multimillion-dollar home? Like you 

did not just go to the store and pick that up. You did not get home from somewhere and get it 

from your mailbox. That was very deliberate of you going to your car to do that, and like, the phone drop was kind of cringy.”