Kylie Jenner fights back against critics on the web I still do normal things

In April 2021, Forbes magazine included Kylie Jenner in the list of billionaires around the world. 

Nevertheless, the 25-year-old businesswoman reinforced that she "still does normal things" by rebutting the 

criticism of a TikTok user. The young man, identified by user @plasticchandler, didn't like seeing her reviewing one of her makeup products inside her car.

"That's something Emma Chamberlain would post. I think it's interesting, because you're

a billionaire, girl. Why are you doing the review in the car when you live in a mansion?

In response, Kylie Jenner said,"[The video] is not that deep or calculated. It took me five minutes to make. And yes, I still drive and do normal things."

Star+, the streaming service that airs "The Kardashians," revealed that the second season will premiere on September 22

- just three months after the final episode of the first season, released in June. 

Subscribers will be able to continue following the Kardashian clan in new chapters every Thursday, just like the first part.