Gene Simmons, Kiss' bassist and vocalist, commented on the band's future. 

For the musician, the group should continue active in unimaginable ways after the farewell tour - which should still get 100 more dates.

In an interview to the podcast Let There Be Talk (via NME), Simmons admitted

being anxious about Kiss' next steps and recalled where the last show of the End of the 

Road World Tour should take place: "We don't know if it will be in New York. I have good 

reasons why it should be, but the most important thing is that when it is the last show, it will be the last show."

Despite the firmness in decreeing an end to the group's live work, the bassist does

not plan the definitive end of Kiss: "The touring band will stop, but only that. Kiss will continue in other ways, which I haven't even thought about.

"I can think of ... Blue Man Group tours, The Phantom of the Opera, with other members. 

There could and should be a Kiss show, live on stage, with effects and everything, but with

something autobiographical about four idiots on the streets of New York. It would end

with a celebration and performance, but without us. Although it's okay for us to show up sometimes," Gene theorized.