The Kardashian family has been in the news and on the cover of many magazines for more than three decades.

But it was a video, from 15 years ago, that brought Kim Kardashian to fame and popularity. A sex tape, no less, that was made public between her and her partner at the time, the artist Ray-J.

What seemed to have been an accident, an involuntary act or a mere oversight, now passes to the background because according to

one of the protagonists of the video, the publication of the images has been nothing more than a montage 

between Kim, Ray and Kris Jenner. Something that Ray J himself has made public in an interview with the British tabloid DailyMail.

It is now that Ray has entered the remorse and sorrow and has decided, we imagine that after paying a rich emolument, to tell his truth. 

"I have felt in the shadows for over 14 years allowing the Kardashian's to use and abuse my name and make billions of dollars for a decade and a half talking 

about a subject I have never spoken about," were the rapper's first words to the British newspaper. "I've never leaked anything. I've never leaked a video 

in my life. It's never been a leak. It's always been about an agreement between Kris Jenner, Kim and I and we've been partners from the beginning," he said commenting on the controversial video move.

The video was recorded in 2002, and in principle it was a sex video without any ulterior motives, but once it was made, it was Ray J himself who 

proposed to leak the video after seeing how popular and viral the video of Paris Hilton with poker player Rick Saloman had become and that gave so much popularity to the heiress of the hotel empire.