Kim Kardashian, famous American celebrity, model, influencer, businesswoman and socialite

has a very clear idea of what it would take to embrace a new acting challenge: a position in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Kardashian spoke about her experience in acting during a recent interview with Interviewmagazine

at which point she mentioned that it would take coming up with something she finds fun to even consider the challenge.

"Would I be able to interpret? Yes, if something fun came up. Maybe a Marvel movie, that would be fun to do.

I'm not actively pursuing it, but I think things come up when you're supposed to do them."

It is not likely that Kevin Feige and company would consider Kardashian for a central role

within the MCU, however, it is entirely possible that similar to what has happened with other celebrities 

in the past, she would get a cameo or even a spot as someone more recurring, albeit secondary, within the Marvel Studios stories.