The rapper was suspended from Instagram for 24 hours after posting a racial slur on "The Daily Show" host Trevor

Noah, who had devoted a segment of his show to calling West's attention to the behavior of his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. 

West's performance at the Grammy Awards, which Noah is hosting, has also been canceled - though not 

at Noah's request. Three sources close to West confirmed to CNN that he was prevented from performing at the Grammys due to "online behavior."

West has spent the past few months using his social media platforms to target his ex-wife, Kardashian, and her

new boyfriend, "SNL" star Pete Davidson. West has posted rants about Kardashian's parents, saying that 

it is up to him to protect his family and suggesting that perhaps his ex is a bad father. He released a .

music video depicting a likeness of Davidson being kidnapped and buried in the ground. Both Kardashian and Davidson reportedly asked West to stop

On West's own account, Kardashian is scared. West posted a series of text messages allegedly from Kardashian asking him to please stop his

your fault," the message said. Along with the text screenshots, West posted: "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE