Who knew that Kim Kardashian, who has access to the best cosmetics and professionals, resorts to a

simple homemade trick - but one that she guarantees is amazing! - as rice water to stimulate healthy hair growth?

Well, if the source of the information wasn't Poosh, a portal created by the businesswoman's older sister, Kourtney Kardashian, it would be hard to believe.

According to an article recently published there, Kim used the method (apply the liquid on the scalp and along the hair and massage for 20 minutes) from once to twice a week and was impressed with the result.

"During cooking, rice releases vitamins and other agents that can help the scalp work better, reducing hair loss and breakage," explains doctor

Stanley Bittar, an expert in hair loss and hair transplantation. For best results, the ideal is to opt for the whole version or

the colored ones, such as black and red, which are richer in nutrients. "It is also important to prioritize 

organic rice, without pesticides, to avoid possible contamination," he adds.

Other alternatives are homemade masks based on medicinal clays, papaya or avocado. "However, none 

of that works a miracle. It is necessary to consider and treat other factors, such as excess oiliness and genetic

predisposition, and also adopt good habits, such as maintaining a balanced diet and physical activity, to make the most of these resources," concludes Bittar.