Kim Kardashian is madly in love with Pete Davidson, and the businesswoman's friends wouldn't be surprised

if she decided to marry the 28-year-old comedian after almost a year of dating. This week, Kim traveled from

Los Angeles to Australia on her private plane, only to visit her boyfriend in Queensland, where he is filming his new comedy "Wizards."

A source told that Kim simply couldn't spend any more time away from Pete and so she made the 'whirlwind'

trip to the other side of the world to spend some quality time with him.

The two were seen dining at Piccolo Cucina restaurant in Cairns, Queensland on Tuesday, July 19 with friends.

The waiter who served the couple, revealed that the bill came to $576 Australian dollars ($2,200)

and that Kim left him a 'fat tip. "Picked up Kim K's order at work today. Thanks for the tip @KimKardashian," Callum McKean wrote in his private Instagram stories.

The boy further detailed the couple's order: four Caprese salads at $15 each, two $11 servings of bruschetta

a squid starter, three pizzas, and five pasta dishes. For dessert, two slices of chocolate pie, $16, and a Nutella pizza, $16.