Kim Kardashian told this Thursday's (02) episode of The Kardashians that not only did she get dumped by

now-boyfriend Pete Davidson when she wanted to get to know him better after a skit together on Saturday 

Night Live, but the reason she became interested in the comedian is that she knew he was well-endowed.

The two met in October 2021, and Kim hosted SNL. On stage, they exchanged a kiss like Aladdin and

Jasmine, but Pete didn't give a damn about the connection Kim felt. "He snubbed me," she told the show. 

"I thought 'what the f*ck, maybe I need to try something different'. Days later I called the SNL producer and said 'do you have Peter's phone number?', 'Yes.' And I texted him," Kim recalled.

"I wasn't thinking 'oh, my God, I'm going to have a relationship with him.' I had heard that he was well-endowed 

and I needed to check it out," the socialite assumed. "Basically I wanted to get laid," she confessed.