The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a huge critical, box office and fan success, and is the largest shared cinematic universe in the world.

Not surprisingly, many Hollywood celebrities (not only actresses and actors) want at least a brief appearance in one of its productions released every year.

And this is the case of Kim Kardashian, who is a model, businesswoman, influencer, actress, stylist

producer, among many other things. And in an interview with Interview, she expressed interest in joining the MCU.

When asked if she wants to return to acting, she playfully starts off by saying that she

would like to join the Canine Patrol, until she also expresses her desire to join Marvel as an example:

"Canine Patrol. A Nickelodeon children's dog movie. I would do it if something fun happened. Maybe a

Marvel movie, that would be so much fun to do. I'm not actively looking for it, but I think things just come when they should."

After Megan Thee Stallion's appearance in the third episode of Woman-Hulk: Defender 

of Heroes, any other special appearance like that (or even a bigger role) will be more than welcomed by audiences!