On the episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians last Sunday, 15, Kim Kardashian vented about all the pressure she suffers from being a constant target of photographers and revealed that she suffers from dysmorphophobia.

Dysmorphophobia is a mental condition in which a person develops an obsessive focus on a defect they think they have in their appearance. 

The defect can be either real or imagined, and this causes the affected person to try to correct it at all costs and avoid leaving the house or posing for photos.

The socialite said she developed the disorder after photos of her in a bikini were taken during a trip to Mexico in April. In May, Kim was in the car on her way to the Met Gala when she panicked about her appearance and began sweating profusely.

She said she almost "threw up" and "totally freaked out" at that moment. A family friend, Jonathan Cheban, said that Kim developed a "major insecurity problem" and that the trip to Mexico "caused it all."

"Kim looked great at the Met Ball, but it seems that the Mexico photos are a never-ending thing and only make her think of Paris again, when she was 'teased' and humiliated. It's not fair and it's not cool," Khloé Kardashian said about Kim.

Weeks passed, but the photos from Mexico continued to circulate on the internet. "When are they going to stop with this story. You definitely get stronger after you

go through so many things, but the pictures keep popping up every day and they never leave me alone. I know I can handle everything, but if I can't handle it...who will? 

I stay indoors so much that I freak out if someone just looks at me. It's a phobia, I freak out over anything," she said. "Why do I subject myself to being seen around? Why don't I just stay home?" she finished.