Keeping up with the Kardashian' is one of the most successful and followed reality shows on American television.

The show has been showing the intense and luxurious life of the Kardashian clan since October 14, 2007. 

More than 280 episodes divided into twenty seasons where it is revealed how Klhoé, Kim, Kylie, Kendall and company live their daily lives. Anecdotes

joys, sorrows or their relationships are some of the ingredients that manage to hook thousands of viewers with each episode.

In one of the last chapters aired, Kim Kardashian confesses that she had to delete a scene from the reality show because she considered what 

happened too "embarrassing and scatological" for her followers to see it on television. The model and businesswoman confessed to Scott 

Disick and her sisters Kourtney and Klhoe Kardashian during a chat that did air on the show. Kim revealed that during a taping, she went to the bathroom 

and noticed that the toilet was totally clogged. "Guys, I don't know what to do. I went to do a number two in that bathroom and it doesn't work," she

confessed with laughter. The American, unable to contain her laughter, explained that at the time she was so embarrassed that she asked not

to let those images come to light. Now, she remembers it as a good anecdote: "It was really embarrassing. I was going to blame Kendall Jenner... I should have done it," she says.