Kim Kardashian has already made it clear that if there is something that can make her beauty up to date, she will do it. 

This time, she showed off a different and painful treatment that left her with a red belly.

"This is a game changer!!! I did morfeo laser to tighten my stomach. I think that is my favorite laser treatment.

It's painful, but it's worth it," said the businesswoman, who is now 41.

In the posts, she also showed that she did some tests to find out how her body is and discovered that her

bones are stronger than most people and also revealed that her fat percentage went from 25% to 18.8% in just over a year, without losing muscle mass.

Kim Kardashian opened up to Allure magazine in a new interview and talked about the cosmetic

procedures she has had and her insecurities about beauty. Kim, who is on the August cover of the 

publication, assures that she has never touched her face, and that the most she does is the use of Botox.