Kim Kardashian received a lot of criticism last Sunday after posting a motivational statement about

"not having the best of everything". On social networks, the businesswoman's followers felt annoyed that this 

statement came from someone who exposes such a luxurious lifestyle and also recalled recent clicks of the 

famous in her private jet, called "Kim Air", which is valued at $ 150 million, equivalent to $ 824 million.

In the Instagram stories, Kim posted a black and white image with a message that read: "The happiest people

don't have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything.

On the social network Reddit, users rebutted the Kardashian clan's businesswoman's post. "Kimberly, you

literally have the best of everything," fired one, referring to the post made by her. "They could stop with the false 

gratitude of acting like they don't have everything," poked another. "Fine, then give up all your stuff, Kim

and we'll see how happy you are," proposed a third.