With the news of her separation from Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian thinks 

her ex-husband Kanye West missed a great opportunity to keep his mouth shut.

According to the program "E!News" the businesswoman is very 'upset' with the rapper 

for what he did: posting on Instagram stories a fake "New York Post" report announcing the 'death' of 'Skete Davidson'.

Kim has become upset again with the father of her children and is not speaking to him at this time, according to sources.

"She's upset. She's sad about the breakup, but [West's teasing] on top of everything tested her mentally," the source said.

"Kim is still in contact with Pete and maintains a good relationship with him, and she 

will not tolerate this kind of reaction [from Kanye]," the insider commented, adding that 'Kim is not comfortable with 

this kind of behavior. "She simply will not accept her loved ones being treated like this by Kanye."