That's why Kim Kardashian is now extending her manicured claws! Because Miley Cyrus pushes herself between

her and her new lover Pete Davidson. The singer and the "Saturday Night Live" star will namely together host 

the New Year's Eve show of the TV channel NBC in Miami and she therefore constantly writes to him via WhatsApp. 

But the text messages are said to be not only about their joint program, Miley is also allegedly flirting heavily with Pete.

"She thinks he's cool and thinks she's a much better match for him than Kim with her crazy ways and all the

tattoos," a friend of the "Wrecking Ball" star said. "Miley is not a fan of Kim and she doesn't understand what Pete wants from her. She's already told

him that directly, too." Because the 29-year-old not only writes messages, she also calls her crush at all hours of the day and night. No wonder Kim is totally annoyed.

It doesn't suit her at all, and she has already made it clear that she will reprimand Miley if she doesn't stop. She thinks it's really rude and disrespectful of her to flirt so hard with Pete,