Kim Kardashian had a radical weekend in nature with daughter, North West

but showed on her Instagram that went through some misfortunes

because of fear. In a series of videos, the businesswoman of the Kardashian 

clan appears practicing Wakeboarding, and then already between 

trees practicing zip line, riding a buggy and, the most difficult, walking on a mobile bridge.

While going over the bridge, Kim even cursed: "I will never do it again. No one 

is ever going to make me do this me*** again," she said in terror as she took every little step on the bridge.

In one of the images posted, Kim explained, "I cried at every step because

I'm so afraid of heights, but I did it and I promised I'll never do it again," she said.

Later, in a video, Kim faces a zip line also with expressive height and, in the caption, said she

only went on the attraction under one condition: "I closed my eyes the whole time, so I'm happy to see how