Kim Kardashian has always been synonymous with a voluptuous and curvy woman, but

recently she appeared skinny when she gave an interview on James Corden's talk show, on American TV.

Luciana Gimenez, Virgínia Fonseca and Christine Fernandes are some of those who have

undergone the "superplastic", which is entirely done without cuts, but promises miraculous results in a short term.

"BodyTite promotes the three-dimensional contraction of the dermis, connective tissue, subcutaneous

and adipose tissue, which are the most difficult skin layers to reach. The treatment is a great ally of plastic

surgery for even more satisfactory results for the clients, in a protocol that can be combined", delivers the plastic surgeon Antônio Carlos Minuzzi Filho.

The equipment that performs the procedure arrived recently in Brazil and has already received the Anvisa seal.

Because it is a non-invasive method, which does not require the patient to undergo surgery, it has become the most coveted in aesthetic clinics.