Kim Kardashian has revealed yet another cosmetic procedure she has undergone..

On Instagram on Wednesday (3), the 41-year-old businesswoman of the Kardashian clan shared a photo in

which she shows her very red belly after a painful aesthetic treatment

"This is a game changer!!! I had morfeo laser to tighten my stomach. I think that is my favorite laser treatment. It's painful, but it's worth it," she said.

This isn't the first time Kim has made it clear that she does everything she can to keep her beauty up to date.

Recently, she shocked many people by making a very unusual statement in an interview with The New York Times: she said that she would even eat poop to rejuvenate.

"If you told me that I would literally have to eat poop every day to look younger, I would. I would just eat it," said Kim, who is in the process of promoting her new skincare line.