Kim Kardashian seems to have only aggravated the controversy surrounding their attitudes towards the environment.

Criticized for her constant jet travel - in addition to having recently been reported for 

excessive water usage in her Los Angeles mansion - the billionaire businesswoman displeased internet users by talking about how she acts on climate change.

The 41-year-old celeb discussed the subject in a conversation with Interview magazine published on Tuesday (6).

She was asked about this topic right after talking about her studies to become a lawyer and about her activism 

around the criminal justice system in the United States (for years, Kim has used her outreach to call for more lenient 

sentences in some criminal cases; in 2019, for example, she was a member and funder of the 90 Days of Freedom 

campaign, in which two female lawyers managed to free 17 people who had received harsh sentences for minor infractions related to drug possession).

"Another serious question," said journalist Mel Ottenberg. "Global warming. It's really insane. There are fires in the

south of France, the asphalt is melting in England. Do you feel you do anything to combat and prevent that? I don't think I do much, to be honest, and I'm curious what you think about that."