It's not just today that changes to 41-year-old influencer Kim Kardashian's body have

caused a wave of surprise on social media. But the debate reignited last Friday, when a post 

compared the socialite's body before and after - if at the beginning of her fame she 

displayed great curves, now she has appeared skinny, with apparent bones.

In May this year, she underwent a diet in which she lost 7 kg in three weeks. The goal was to get into the famous

dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in 1962. Last month, Kim also disclosed that she had a laser

cosmetic procedure to "tighten her stomach". At the time, she even posted a photo with a reddened belly.

"This is a game changer! I had laser morfeo to tighten my stomach. I think that's my favorite laser treatment. It's painful but 

worth it," she wrote. In the same post, she shared her scans and announced that her body fat percentage would have gone from 25% to 18% in just one year.