Kim Kardashian has just announced her newest venture. Teaming up with Jay Sammons, a former Carlyle

Group executive, the entrepreneur, influencer, and reality TV star is launching 

a private equity firm, SKKY Partners, which will invest in consumer, media, hospitality, luxury, and digital commerce and media businesses.

The fund has yet to start raising money and little has been revealed about its ambitions. But in an interview

with the Wall Street Journal, the partners said they will make "control and minority investments in companies."

According to CNN, Sammons left Carlyle a few months ago after a 16-year stint during which 

he invested in several well-known brands, including Supreme and Beats by Dre. It was his idea to launch SKKY.

One of the most popular women in the world, Kim Kardashian has made a name for 

herself as an entrepreneur, which may help the new company attract business and promote the brands in which it

will invest. The celebrity owns, for example, Skims, a clothing company, and KKW Beauty, a beauty company.