Businesswoman Kim Kardashian and ex-brother-in-law Scott Disick are being sued to the

tune of $40 million dollars, approximately R$209 million reais, for 

promoting luxury prizes on Instagram that were allegedly part of a fake lottery scam.

According to TMZ, the people who filed the lawsuits were promised luxury items

such as first class tickets, a three night stay in Beverly Hills and up to $100,000 dollars. To do this, they would have to make an initial investment to compete.

However, sources close to the company Curated Businesses, which organizes the lotteries, told the American

news portal that there were legitimate winners, with documentation to prove it. In the

lawsuit, the victims claim that the company responsible for the lottery actually wanted to sell the victims' personal information.

In the deposition, the people claim that their electronic devices were "hacked by hundreds 

of advertisers, some of which solicited potentially offensive and unwanted content from the authors.