This week seems to have started with a little break, in the hectic routines 

of Kim and Khloe Kardashian. Enjoying a beautiful sunny day, in the 

United States, the sisters decided to put the tan up to date and rest a bit, enjoying a pool, also with some friends. 

Wearing very stylish bathing suits, they even made it clear, on the 

occasion, that they have a silhouette that would make anyone envious.

In an atmosphere of pure tranquility and joy, the two were still catching 

up and seemed to be very pleased with the opportunity to relax, at least a little

bit, and, apparently, they did not realize that they were being photographed.

Remember that the wife of Kanye West is gradually resuming their professional commitments and their 

agenda, after spending some time more reclusive, mainly because of the assault she suffered, in 2016, during a stay in Paris, capital of France.