Kendall Jenner proved once again that she is from one of the most adept families at running their businesses and investments 

around the world by posing stunning poolside with a doberman and a bottle of her tequila on her shoulder, melting her 254 million followers on instagram and making an incidental "merchan" of her drink.

The model shared a series of hot photos as she tanned herself in a tiny brown bikini. The businesswoman and model showed off her 

jaw-dropping physique in the skimpy swimsuit while relaxing with her pet dog. But the strategically placed 818 brand cap and bottle ended up revealing the true intentions behind the clicks.

Kendall is yet another celebrity embarking on the tequila market, an extremely popular drink in the US that has gained a considerable

share of the premium spirits market with the likes of George Clooney with his Casamigos, The Rock with Teremana, and Mark Wahlberg with his Blue Arrow.

Accused of cultural appropriation, for taking such a typically Mexican business and professionalizing it

to the point of taking production away from a local community, Kendall defended herself, saying that the waste from 818's 

production is recycled into sustainable bricks, donated to the people of Jalisco, where the tequila is produced. "Besides saving the

planet, it's important for us to be friendly to the community as well. We are donating them and building houses for people who need houses," concluded the entrepreneur.