A conversation between Keanu Reeves and a young fan at an airport went viral on social networks last Monday

4, according to NME. It is worth remembering how the Matrix actor is well known for being someone humble and very receptive to other people.

As documented by TV producer Andrew Kimmel on Twitter, Reeves was approached

by a young man asking for an autograph after a flight from London to New York, when he began

firing off a "series of quick questions." "Keanu happily answered each one," wrote Kimmel, who also posted a photo of the two at the airport.

Boy: Why were you in London? Keanu Reeves: Filming a documentary.

Boy: I saw online that you were at the Grand Prix (pronouncing the 'x') KR: Yes, the Grand Prix (in a French 

accent, without correcting it). Formula 1! Race cars! Boy: Do you drive? KR: Not Formula 1, but 

I like to ride motorcycles. When the fan started to "run out of questions," Reeves started to 

question the young fan and asked: "Why were you in Europe? Which galleries did you visit in Paris? What was your favorite?"