Kanye West's activity on Instagram in recent weeks has targeted GAP and Adidas, but he still managed to launch 

an attack against Kim Kardashian. The issue involved her decision to send her four children to Sierra Canyon 

School instead of her Donda Academy. During an appearance on the Alo Full Mind 

podcast, Ye detailed his current position with Kim, who he says has custody of the children most of the time.

"To this day, I still give Kim advice on things that can help, because that goes is for the

kids," he said. "She still needs to, 80 percent of the time, raise these children, so what people 

people would do [...] on the resume because my parents were able to do that with me," he said.

He explained that he is adamant about providing his children with the proper education from Donda

Academy, which he says will instill "self-confidence" in his children. Still, Kim Kardashian did not necessarily consider the idea to Ye's liking.