Now that rapper Kanye West is about to exit his deal with GAP, he is trying to establish some new 

Yeezy products. Of course, one of his most popular teasers in the last month has been

his futuristic-looking YZY SHDZ. Fans are looking forward to 

it, and while there is no official release date for the sunglasses, Kanye is teasing fans with the price.

Speaking with Forbes, Kanye noted that his Ye Supply store will only feature items and accessories for an affordable price. 

Kanye West revealed he wants the products to be made in the countries they are being sold in, and there is no doubt 

that Kanye is on a very ambitious fashion journey right now. "When it's sold in America, it will be made in America, and 

when it's sold in China, it will be made in China," Kanye said. "So the glasses will cost 

$20, and everything in the Ye Supply store will cost $20. And we're working on how to make clothes for free. Because life is free."