Kanye West's relationship with Adidas and Gap seemed mutually beneficial, but in recent 

weeks, the rapper has exposed several problems he has faced with both companies. 

This led the artist to announce his departure from Gap, with whom he had a long-term

contract to produce clothing. The rapper is adamant about taking his 

companies to new heights on his own, although he is facing new setbacks on his journey.

This morning, the rapper took to Instagram, where he shared a letter titled "Summary of restrictions on Yeezy's standalone 

activities under licensing and support agreement with Adidas and strategic agreement with Gap." "Neither Yeezy.

nor Ye may use, sponsor, promote, market, advertise, support, design, manufacture, license, sell or provide 

consulting services with respect to any of the following products under Yeezy's trademarks or similar to

Ye, or any other product of identifiable attribute, feature or indication of Ye (e.g., Donda, Pablo or Jesus Walks )," the document reads.